About Me

Welcome Aboard!  My name is Jeff Tucker.  I am a huge advocate for improving our public transportation system, especially rail travel.    I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and currently live in Orange County.  I was hired at Amtrak in 2009 and currently work out of Los Angeles.

Conductor Tucker

Conductor Tucker

On this website, you will find my blog posts about day-to-day issues that I encounter out on the railroad.  Also, I include information on current rail systems and future projects currently in the works.  I focus primarily on California as it is my home and many of us are so reliant on our cars, we don’t even realize there are other options!  I will, however include projects from other states and regions that I feel have a valuable impact on the industry.

Lastly, I include some pages of “in depth” material I have learned over my years in this industry.  There are so many aspects involved in the passenger train business, but the most important thing to know is that it’s not a real business at all.  Real business survives on profit and rail transportation is not profitable!  In fact, all forms of transportation lose money!  Read that again if you have to.  Transportation systems are public services that would not survive without public support and strong investment in infrastructure.  Our society has leaned towards the automobile and airplane for many years, but recent trends have encouraged me and my colleagues and I’m here to spread the love of going by train!